Precision architects of healthcare finance, Omnicores goes
beyond traditional medical billing. Committed to excellence
and innovation, we redefine industry standards. Fusing
cutting-edge tech with dedicated expertise, we navigate the
complex world of revenue cycles, ensuring healthcare
providers thrive. Elevate your financial health with us –
where precision meets innovation for superior healthcare



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We Offer all Kinds
of Medical Support Services

Medical Billing

Secure, Fast, and the Most Affordable Billing Solutions

Full Time Employee Management (FTE)

Improve the patient experience with unified front office management with patient centric approach

Medical Coding | Charts Review

Medical coding services by certified medical coders helping you improve billing accuracy

Credentialing Service

Get rid of your credentialing woes & expedite enrollment in healthcare networks

Front Office Management

Entrust full-cycle implementation of software product to experienced

Medical Transcription

Streamlined Medical Transcription Services

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